Student Work


Jihae (Jay) Cha's research centers on the role of education, particularly teachers, in promoting social cohesion among children and youth in conflict-affected countries. In her research, Jihae employs child-friendly visual methodologies to further explore refugee children's perceptions of peace, social cohesion, and resilience in both camp and refugee settings. 


Jihyeon (Jessica) Lee's research aims to use Instagram as a pedagogical and methodological tool to interrupt and destabilize the dominant "at-risk" discourse surrounding youth's engagement in physical culture. Her particular focus is on investigating ethnic minority immigrant girls' perceptions of physical culture through social media. 

Carrie Safron aims to use visual research to open up a world of possibilities in health and fitness settings. She is interested in the way visual methodologies can help young people share their stories about health, fitness, and physical activity practices in their everyday lives.

Mara Simon's research explores the experiences of ethnic minority female physical education teachers from a critical perspective. She does this through a combination of narrative inquiry, life history, and visual methodology. 

Tara Schwitzman uses visual and spatial methodologies to think more deeply about what it means to resist in a capitalist society. In particular, she is interested in how public spaces influence the ways in which we see certain images as political and how images politicize public spaces. 

Sarah van den Berg's visual research explores the aesthetics of curriculum and learning environments. She's interested in using visual methods to understand how various communities and individuals imagine the purposes and possibilities of education. 

Ilya Benjamin Washington is the Founding Creative Director of #Wearewelcomehere. His visual research explores the everyday disruption of space by ordinary people historically threatened with physical or symbolic displacement. 



Patrick Keegan's (PhD, Social Studies Education, 2017) research explores how immigrant youth construct civic belonging by attending to their everyday enactments of citizenship across the contexts of school, neighborhood, and home. In doing this, he uses critical visual methodologies. The title of his dissertation is: Places of Civic Belonging among Transnational Youth.  

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